Our aim is to improve neurosurgical training methods for young residents as well as for more experienced surgeons. Therefore, we offer a wide range of simulations for different levels of experience from EVD placement to aneurysm clipping. The use of physical simulators allows to provide a hands-on-experience in a controlled environment. To make our simulations as realistic as possible, we build up the replication of a full-functioning operating theatre, including microscope, monitors and microsurgical instruments. This way it is possible to completely immerse into the simulation and get an even more realistic experience.

realistic skull model – identify anatomical structures

haptic feedback – drilling the bone

improve spatial awareness – place drain

visual feedback – liquid back flow in drain



Department of Neurosurgery


Otto-von-Guericke University

Leipziger Str. 44, Haus 65

39120 Magdeburg,

Saxony-Anhalt, Germany